Patching Panda Particles

Patching Panda Particles – 4 channels of complex grooves


Particles is a trigger module designed to generate complex breaks, grooves and evolving percussion over four channels with probability and modulation. Sounds like fun!


I’m already enjoying what appears to be an easy front-panel interface. You’ve got 4 sliders for 4 channels which probably means the higher push them the more likely it is for it to fire. Mute buttons along the top are fabulous, and that’s more than enough for me, but I imagine there’s a lot more going on.

They say there’s maths and manipulation; rhythmic ideas can be evolved and messed with, patterns pushed around, outputs shifted and transformations imposed.

I’ve recently been getting into a version of Mutable Instruments Grids which has a fabulous way of outputting and modulating trigger patterns. Particles seems to draw some inspiration from that but rather than moving around between pre-existing patterns, it uses probability to build and modulate new ones.

This is definitely right up my street, and as soon as it becomes available over here I’ll be seeking it out and doing a review.

I now have one and have built one and begun testing and there’s one thing I need to make clear. Particles is not a trigger generator, it’s a trigger manipulator. It takes in triggers and does interesting things with them. So not exactly what I thought it was but interesting in different ways. Full review to come!


Jeremy from Red Means Recording has one and has done a patch with it. Sounds amazing although it’s really hard to tell what’s actually going on.

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