Klevgrand Speldosa – spellbinding music box virtual instrument


Klevgrand has got together with Wintergatan of the marvellous Marble Machine to produce a delightful virtual instrument of angelic music box tones.


I admit I was expecting something different. Something that incorporated the spinning wheels and dropping marbles of the amazing marble machine that Wintergatan put together a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, Speldosa is completely beautiful and stands on its own as a fabulously whimsical instrument.

There are four flavours to play with. Modern, Vintage and Antique give variations on the striking of gentle tines whereas Eternal does the whole thing backwards. You have a couple of reverb choices and a “space” control, and that’s about it. The interface comes alive with falling notes that give the impression of stars cascading from the instrument. It’s lovely.

It costs like 10 dollars for MacOS, Windows and iPad and is just a lovely thing.

Sound examples here:

That very cool Wintergatan Marble Machine is here:

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