Modulove A-RYTH-MATIK 6-channel Euclidean rhythm generator


A uni-knobbed module with 6 channels of trigger/gate sequencing that’s packed with Euclidean rhythm generation.


It’s that funny thing where you see it on ModularGrid and ignore it because the front panel doesn’t speak to you. But then you scroll past it on Instagram and see it in action and it illicits a completely different response.

The annoyingly named A-RYTH-MATIK is a very cool little rhythm generator with a gorgeous little screen and a worryingly singular knob to control everything. It’s based on the Hagiwo Synth Project which, I think, is this guy in Japan who’s building an entire fleet of Eurorack module as cheaply as possible using open-source software and hardware based on little microcontrollers.

With the A-RYTH-MATIK Modulove has added a hardware reset input, LED indicators on the outputs and a much nicer front panel. It’s based on the Arduino Nano.

It has a couple of modes. The first one is Euclidean sequencing using shapes thrown up on the screen. Looks awesome!

And then there’s the trigger sequencer mode which also has a manual and automatic function.

It’s available as an easy kit with all the surface mount components done for you so it’s really just the front panel hardware and headers for the Arduino. It’s €99 for the kit and very very tempting.