Modbap Meridian

Modbap Meridian: Dual multi-type filter with effects and a nice big macro cutoff knob


Meridian brings two lots of four filters into convergence with a phase shifter, drive, pingable lowpass gate and a nice big knob to make it all happen.


Another stunner from Modbap in their own striking style that’s full of possibilities. It’s not just a filter; it’s a dual filter that can be four independent types of filter. So you can choose from a Ladder, OTA, Comb and Formant type and then decide if you want low, high, bandpass or notch modes. And then, do you want the two chosen types and modes to run in series or parallel? That’s a lot of options to cope with before you even start filtering anything.

Thankfully you can pull back and just fiddle with the nice big knob in the middle and ignore all the questions this thing is asking you.

Beneath the cutoff are a Drive Circuit and a Phase Shifter effect to beef it all up and then wobble it about the place. Inbetween is a pingable LPG to give you some very cool dynamics built right into the module.

It’s a complex collection of features that results in, for me at least, a rather underwhelming demo video. But then we perhaps have different ideas of what filter use is all about, and maybe Meridian will help me expand my approach and offer different tones and things to think about.