50k Subscriber Party, Live Stream Auction and AMA


To celebrate reaching 50,000 subscribers on YouTube (currently 49,992), we should have some beers and buy some stuff you don’t need. And then you are welcome to Ask Me Anything about anything. The date for the live stream is Sunday, 16th June from 8pm BST. Obviously, it will be embarrassing not to have reached 50k by then, so come on, get subscribing! It’s also Father’s Day in the UK on Sunday, but I’m sure your husbands won’t mind.

Live Auction

I’m going to be selling some gear during the livestream: a few modules, a synth or two, that sort of thing. It’s not in aid of something grand; it’s to raise a bit of cash to fund a couple of things. Firstly, in terms of mental health and life improvement, I need a new hammock to spend time in. I bought my first Mexican hammock when I was about 19. It hung on my wall, I slept in it at Glastonbury, and it’s been a feature of our garden since the kids were small. Sadly, it perished a few years ago, and I really miss it. So I think it’s time the company (Molten) treated its one employee a bit better and provide them with a method of peaceful relaxation or snoozes and eternal jams.

The other thing is I want to build a bunch of small modular systems that people can borrow. To do that, I’ve got to source some cases and power supplies and sort out the packaging. It will then be a service available to patrons via Patreon. Any leftover cash will be spent on booze and wild times or the odd must-have module.

So what’s on offer? Well, a rag-tag bunch of bits – see list below.

How is it going to work? I’ve no idea, but I imagine what we’ll do is hold up a thing and invite bids. The largest bid gets the thing. Payment would then be through Paypal.

Is it all going to be dirt cheap? No. I’m not planning to give away a Mother-32 for a tenner. We’re talking about reasonable second-hand prices so I’d expect a Mother-32 to go for £300-£450, or a Eurorack module for around £100, Korg Volca £50-£80.

What about shipping? The only way to do it fairly is to add shipping on afterwards. So a small box in the UK would be about £5, the same box to Europe around £15 and to the USA around £25. Larger objects will have to be calculated at the time. So, don’t bid if you are not prepared to pay for regular shipping rates from a regular courier.

The list so far, and this is subject to change and surprises.


  • Arturia Microfreak
  • Modal Skulpt
  • Modal Craft Synth 2
  • Moog Mother-32
  • Moog Werkstatt
  • Moog Mavis
  • Teenage Engineering POM 400
  • Teenage Engineering POM 16
  • Korg Volca FM2
  • Korg Volca Drums
  • Korg Volca Nubass
  • Korg Volca Modular
  • Korg Volca Mixer
  • Korg Volca stand
  • IK Uno Synth
  • IK Uno Drum
  • Neutral Labs Elmyra
  • DinoPark


  • Arturia Audiofuse
  • Arturia Microlab
  • Focusrite Clarett 2 Pre
  • Nektar Panorama T4
  • Nektar Impact LX49
  • Tascam DA38 – Tape jammed – free to anyone prepared to pay postage
  • Digi002 – free to anyone prepared to pay postage
  • Boss RC-5 Looper Pedal
  • Behringer Hellbabe wah pedal
  • Presonus Faderport 2
  • Presonus Atom


  • Schottkey Ratchet
  • Eventide Euro DDL
  • Vermona RandomRhythm
  • Noise BIA
  • Behringer Brains
  • Winterbloom Castor and Pollox
  • Mutable Instruments Beads
  • XAOC Batumi
  • Befaco Even VCO
  • Sixteen Sequencer
  • Wavefonix 3320 HPF
  • Instruo Traigh filter
  • Mutable Instruments Veils (old style)
  • Make Noise ST0
  • Strymon Magneto
  • Tesseract Tex Mix 2 x 4-channel mono modules (1 channel not working), 1 x 4-stereo-channel, Master out and Blinks – so 11 channels in total.