ADDAC Acid Source

Acid Source – filthy basslines from ADDAC


Acid Source is a full techno-party synth voice in a very compact module from ADDAC and it sounds like a riot!

Acid Source

ADDAC usually produce very serious-looking modules and seems very business-like. Acid Source is the same, except that it’s pumping out the good stuff like they’ve just dropped into a club. I spend a lot of time patching together oscillators, filters and envelopes to get this sort of thing going, and here it all is in one easy-to-tweak module. 9HP though? That could get very annoying in an even-numbered rack.

Acid Source has a VCO with triangle and sawtooth waves. Your choice is then blended with a square wave (if you want) and fed into the filter. The filter has low, high and bandpass options and is very keen to self-oscillate. It’s then routed into the VCA, where it is pumped with saturation and likes to distort. An inbuilt attack/decay envelope handles the dynamics and could potentially be patched into the filter cutoff. It’s got an Accent input for adding some extra zing to some of the notes, which sounds pretty great.

All in all Acid Source is a great time and space saver and serves up instant squelchy bass lines when you can’t be bothered to do it yourself. It should also be available as a kit and costs only €210.

Great demo.