Error Instruments Ballerina

Error Instruments Ballerina Eurorack music box


Error Instruments fascinate me with their wonderfully weird modules. They love a bit of steampunk, glitch, noise and unnecessary interaction, so we have the CV-controlled Ballerina music box.


It’s a cute little Ballerina spinning around inside a Eurorack module while the internal mechanical music box plays the theme from Swan Lake. To make it play, you simply crank the handle to wind it up.

Paul Tass of Error Instruments says that he’s fascinated by physical things that generate sound, particularly the humble music box. There are a number of Error Instrument modules that feature one.

Error Instruments Ballerina
Error Instruments Ballerina

The Ballerina also features a pre-amp that you can use for other signals, but in the context of the music box, it provides CV controllable amplification.

The idea is that you could capture elements of the playback into a sampler or delay module to enable you to do interesting things. Or just let it play and enjoy the ballet. They are only making 30, so it’s a very limited edition module that you could use to demonstrate your awesome and exclusive taste.

If you’ve not come across Error Instruments before, I recommend spending some time wandering about on the rather functional 1990s-style website.