Befaco gets deeper in 1U modular utilities


Three new 1U modules bring some useful utilities as Befaco starts to embrace the 1U format.

1U Modules

Befaco first kicked this idea around with the Pony VCO. Now they are adding some new modules in the shape of a stereo amplifier, an output module and a four-channel mixer. These are only available (I think) in Intellijel format front panels and take a regular Eurorack power connector.


A simple stereo signal amplifier to boost your external synths up to modular level. You’ve got three levels of gain to cope with whatever you want to throw at it, and a level knob to control the output. The input is on minijack stereo and then you get left and right outputs for patching into your modular.

1U Out

A stereo output module with a headphone socket that can either listen to the main stereo input or a Cue side input. The overall level and headphone output get their own knob.

Both the 1U OUT and the 1U ST AMP are compatible with Intellijel’s 7U and Palette rear connectors.


A 1U version of their stereo mixer with four channels, level controls and a stereo output – nice and simple.

Let’s all go 1U

I’ve been trying to get into 1U for quite a while now, and I’ve never quite found the right case or the time to give it my focus. I think it’s really interesting and I fully intend to do a proper video exploring what it’s all about. If you’re new to Eurorack then it will often seem like yet another level of understanding to try to get over.

However, I will get to it and I imagine that my association with Befaco and making modules might have something to do with that.