SSF Entity Ultra-Perc

Steady State Fate Entity Ultra-Perc


Ultra-Perc is an analogue synthesizer voice designed for generating percussive sounds. It’s full of filters, envelopes and noise to reach a huge range of timbres.

Entity Ultra-Perc

Percussion is definitely on our minds at the moment with my review of the TiNRS Wobbler 2, so it’s great to see another way of doing it. The Ultra-Perc is an analogue synth voice that has sound generation, filters and envelopes combined in such a way to produce a vast array of percussive sounds.

Inside it has a twin resonant core signal generator with detune and spectral isolation. It has dynamic controls over body and noise dynamics. There are three envelopes to shape the body’s level and pitch and the noise level. The noise itself has a multimode filter and “Body” filter mode. And you get a separate trigger input for the noise, which is interesting. It’s got a wave folder in there and an external input for processing other signals.

I like the Duck output, which sends out the envelope of the Body to side chain into other signals – it pulls stuff down to let the kick come through, or something like that.

It looks like it can be massively modulated which should hopefully let you generate a cascade of evolving sounds in a pattern. Although, of course, you can just dial in a single sound for what you need in your patch. I’m very much into modulating the heck out of these things.

The demo video is bit bongy, where you get 5 minutes of manually triggered bong, bings and twangs, but it does give an impression of the range of sounds. I just so desperately want someone to run a beat through it and see how it flies.

I’m assuming this is a companion to the Entity Ultra-Kick, in which case the Ultra-Perc is going to be about all those other non-kick sorts of sounds. Looking forward to seeing it in action.