Befaco Case

Befaco 7U Case DIY Build

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Befaco has built a new case, and they sent me one to build. It’s 7U, so it’s all about that 1U row and can be mounted on a monitor arm – that’s enormous fun!

Befaco 7U Case

The case is great. It’s similar in design to the Intellijel Performance case and is indeed compatible with all the ins and outs of the Intellijel 1U internal shinanigans format. This means it has full-sized jacks on the back that can be connected internally to appropriate modules like the 1U Out. It also has MIDI and USB ports which can be utilised by modules with those connections.

It’s made of metal, is 104HP wide and you can configure it with the 1U row at the top, bottom or in the middle. It comes with a hard plastic, transparent dust cover, and a strap for securing it. There’s no handle, but I think this would work well inside a soft bag or carrying case for gigging. There are VESA-compatible screw holes on the underside so you can mount it on a standard monitor arm – it’s a quite brilliant feature. Otherwise, it feels very slim, with no bezel or wooden ears; you could even call it stylish.


My mission was to build the thing from the kit. This included soldering the TrolleyBus power supply together, fixing up the I/O board with all the bits and getting the impossibly annoying rails screwed in. It took some time but it all came together nicely.

Here’s my video of the build and I imagine the case is going to feature in plenty of videos going forward.