Vostok Modules

Vostok Instruments: Masters of multichannel modular


Vostok Instruments are a new modular outfit from Barcelona who are kicking off with four multichannel modules, including a 4-channel VCO, 6-channel AD, 6-channel VCA and 6-channel voltage source.


It’s called a multichannel analogue sound source. The idea is to take the waveforms you usually get on a VCO, so sine, triangle, saw and pulse, and split them into independently controllable and playable channels.

Each channel is based on the 3340 oscillator chip and has a unique waveform modulator. So the sine wave gets s wave folder, the triangle gets a shaper, the sawtooth gets phase modulation, and the pulse gets PWM. And then at the bottom you get a bank of noise.

Vostok Modules
Vostok Modules

So, as I’m trying to grasp it, it’s not a polyphonic oscillator where you’ve got 4 voices because each oscillator is a different waveform. Although there’s no reason why you couldn’t use them in a polyphonic setting. Instead, you’ve got 4 single but bendable waveform oscillators giving you a huge range of sound and versatility. They can also be daisy-chained, so you can play all four from a single 1v/oct input – that has a lot of chordal potential. It’s all very interesting.


Fuji is 6 AD envelope generators – nice and simple. It has gate inputs and an option to use the gate length to hold the envelope before the decay stage. The gates are also daisy-chained so you can trigger multiple envelopes from one input. They are also all loopable.

That’s a very useful bank of envelopes.


Straightforward 6-channel VCA that can also act as a mixer with a mix out at the bottom. A perfect companion to the Fuji.


Bipolar Attenuator and DC source. So it attenuates and generates voltage a lot like the fabulous Molten Motion Meter but without the awesome lights.


So these are rather wonderful. Interesting and yet dead straightforward, useful and very patchable. Check out Divkids video on it all.