Instruō àradh and tágh: Filters with benefits and modulation mayhem


New modules from Instruo are always exciting, and here we have a filter that thinks it’s a lowpass gate and six forms of randomisation with clocked probability, S&H and noise.


This is the successor to the tràigh filter, that was one of the first filters I bought for my rack. It’s luxuriously wide with loads of room for your fingers, can mix three inputs and has the sweetest self-oscillations of any filter out there. It’s based on the classic Moog transistor ladder filter and sounds fabulous. àradh takes the same circuit but builds in a load of other stuff in a much small space.

àradh adds a VCA and a “Strike” input with decay which is essentially a lowpass gate. The idea is that you have both East and West Coast stuff going on in the same module. There’s also an envelope follower designed to offer some dynamics processing. It’s all fascinating stuff.

Funnily enough, I recently put out a filter comparison that featured the tràigh and little did I know that it was long discontinued and they had another one coming along. If it sounds as good as this then it’s a winner.


tágh is a rather intriguing modulation source and voltage generator. It starts off with Sample & Hold and a bit of white noise and then goes into a whole load of modulation algorithms for all sorts of LFO shapes, randomisation, probability waves and stuff. Finishing it off is a probability-based clock with an adaptive tap tempo.

Jason from Instruo says he uses half a dozen of these in every patch. They do look handy.

Blank Panels for Greyhounds

Instruo are also releasing a bunch of rather nice blank panels. One of them is a limited edition featuring Jason’s dog Winston. It’s in aid of the GAL charity that rescues and rehouses Greyhounds and Lurchers.