Castor & Pollux II

Winterbloom Castor & Pollux II – mythical oscillator gets more epic


Winterbloom is working on a new version of the Castor & Pollux twin oscillator that should be available in May.

Castor & Pollux II

I bought the original as soon as I saw it. It’s a fabulous idea of combining two oscillators in a non-complex, interactive and self-juicing configuration to give you some seriously fat sounds. For some reason, when you find two oscillators together, it always has to be about FM – this was not that. This was about detuning and phasing and lots of interesting waveforms. At least, that’s what I got out of it.

The new version reworks the interface, which is definitely something I approve of. The original had annoyingly fiddly knobs, which detracted from an otherwise beautiful front panel.  I ended up putting other knob caps over the top to make it easier to use – top tip! Anyway, the new version has proper grown-up knobs, which have been at the expense of the individual waveform outputs. But never fear; an additional expander will give you back access to every individual tone.

For functionality, the internal LFO is more accessible and has a pulse shape added. We now have a hard sync mode. It has an internal quantised pitch generator, so it can essentially play itself. The second oscillator can be tied to the first or run completely free. It’s been worked into a single PCB, making the kit version a bit easier to build and means that it can run in very low-profile cases. The front panel is no less gorgeous than the original.

I’m looking forward to this and hope to pick up a kit as soon as they’re available.