Softube Model 80

Softube Model 80: Exquisite take on the Prophet 5


Softube produces magnificent emulations of old synths in software. Model 80 is doing the thing for the Sequential Prophet 5.

Model 80

Softube tends to get very deep into their emulations. It’s not about being inspired by a synth or paying homage to something; Softube pull it apart and analyse every electron. Model 80 is based on Sequential’s most favourite 5-voice poly synth, the Prophet 5.

They’ve captured every interaction, preset and circuit and turned it into what they hope is the most authentic-sounding version of this instrument available in software. And other than a few workflow enhancements, they add on a load of other stuff like effects, sequencers or jiggery-pokery that wasn’t on the original.

Synth guru Starsky Carr has made a marvellous video comparison between the Model 80 and his own Prophet 5 Rev4.

I like what Softube do with their synths. Not only do you get the instrument but you also get it split up into modules to use in Softube Modular. The only downside is that the Softube instruments are that bit more expensive than most. But, in my view, these are the best emulations you can get.