Verbos Real World Interface

Verbos Electronics Real World Interface sucks in envelopes, gates and pitches


What a gorgeous module with three channels of envelope extraction, gate stealing and pitch detection for using external audio to infect and modulate your Eurorack.

Real World Interface

The left and right sides are envelope followers and gate extractors with built-in condenser microphones. So all you have to do is sing embarrassingly into the module, and you can use your voice to shape modular signals. You can tap on things to trigger gates and rhythms, make noises to shape filters, or plug in a guitar to make things happen in response.

The middle section can also pull off pitch detection. It will send out the pitch of whatever you’re playing as voltage to control other oscillators. It also has an internal sine wave oscillator that will lock to the pitch and a filter that will scrape away everything except the fundamental from the original audio.

It’s an exquisite way to use your voice or real instruments to impact and modulate your Eurorack. It should be coming in August and hopefully I’ll get to see it at Superbooth. If you’re at NAMM, they are in booth 10701, around where all the modular is.