4MS Looping Delay and Sampler

4MS Looping Delay and Sampler DIY modules looking uncomplicated


I like something simple. Something that does what it says and 4MS might have nailed it with the Looping Delay and Sampler DIY modules.


That Stereo Triggered Sampler thing of theirs looks dead scary, whereas this is just a couple of knobs and a play/record button – lovely! Loads of room on the SD card, comes with 100s of samples or you can record straight onto it. You have the basic pitch, start point, and length controls, CV selectable samples, forward and reverse and what more could you possibly need?

4MS Sampler
4MS Sampler

Awesome. It’s a sampler with sampling in Eurorack. $299 built or $199 DIY.

Looping Delay

Same deal with this one. It’s a delay with up to 90 seconds or time that you can also throw into infinite, sound-on-sound looping or freeze it up for some time window scratching. Definitely gives you something interesting to play with without boggling you with complicated knobs and patch sockets.

4MS Looping Delay
4MS Looping Delay

$275 built or $175 for the kit.

These look great – should be available after Superbooth.