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Behringer slashes up to 60% off synth prices


If you’ve been on the fence about buying a Behringer synth then maybe this is the time to snap one up. Crazy prices on all the clones coming your way. Is it desperation or a cool marketing tactic?

Behringer Deals

This is billed as being a worldwide price drop but it appears to be mostly in the USA at the moment. Sweetwater has a bunch of discounts on all sorts of Behringer synths. This follows a post on the Behringer Facebook page that says:

Up to 60% price reduction on all our synths.
As semiconductors become more available and prices come down, we’re able to ramp up production. In line with our promise to share our savings with you, we’re really excited to lower our pricing by up to 60%.

I’m not sure how the non-arrival of dozen of Behringer synths due to chip shortages can suddenly result in savings on existing stock. Perhaps the idea is to bring the spotlight back onto Behringer just as it begins to ship many long-awaited products. Whatever the reason, there are deals to be had. It’s odd that not all of it is happening at Thomann just yet, but then the US pricing has been markedly more expensive, so perhaps this is more of a realignment thing?

That 60% price drop is on the System 35 complete modular system which is now only $999. That’s a ridiculous price for two rows of modular in a case.

Behringer System 55
Behringer System 55

The problem for Thomann is that they don’t have stock of the modular systems.

Anyway, here are the Sweetwater deals I’ve seen so far:

Thomann deals are starting to emerge:

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