SOMA Labs Pulsar-23 with Andrew Huang

SOMA Labs Pulsar-23 – Andrew Huang Edition in radioactive yellow


SOMA Labs has got together with YouTuber and artist Andrew Huang to produce a custom version of their Pulsar-23 organismic drum machine.

Pulsar-23 in yellow

The Pulsar-23 is the most interesting drum machine on the market. Coming out of the fevered minds of SOMA Labs, it features four voices of percussive sound generation wired through a four-channel tape-style event sequencer with digital delay, reverb and overdrive, and lots and lots of knobs.

It’s designed for modulation and encourages you to patch everything to everything in search of otherworldly squeaks, clangs, bangs, bashes and fizz. The Pulsar-23 is packed with modulators and utilities to keep it constantly reinventing itself. It uses crocodile clips and metal posts just to give the physical patching a completely different experience from any other device.

The Andrew Huang Edition features the fabulously neon yellow finish and different knobs, otherwise, it’s essentially the same machine which sounds like nothing else out there.

The Pulsar-23 is the greatest drum machine I’ve never managed to have a go on. I’ve got close to having a play at various synth events but it’s always so popular I can never find a way in. It was even at my own Synth East but I still didn’t get the chance. But I love it, I love the style, the sounds, the intention being weird and exploratory and how you produce rhythms through play and manipulation rather than through programming. One day, you shall be mine.

Anyway, this is an exclusive limited edition machine available via Perfect Circuit. Regular versions are still available in a range of colours via other means.

Or buy the original from Thomann: