Flight of Harmony Facehugger

Flight of Harmony Facehugger – 8-stage function incubator


Facehugger will impregnate your modular with an 8-stage chainable function generator and control module.


That’s a great name for an eight-fingered Eurorack module. The idea is to have 8 intertwined voltage-generating sliders that can be configured in a number of ways. You could use it as a gate sequencer, an Arpeggiator, a bunch of envelopes, a burst of blips or an LFO. From simple things to complex functions – that sounds like fun!

There are a number of controls to push and scale the output, with different curves, glide, speed, root and scale all making an appearance. You can even patch up a couple of Facehuggers for a frenzy of pattern generation.

Facehugger is currently a prototype project that is under development and looking for investment via Kickstarter. Flight of Harmony has a whole bunch of short videos demonstrating various aspects of the Facehugger, which are a bit rough and ready but give you some idea of the potential. There’s also plenty of detail on the project, what they hope to get into the module and the potential of stretch goal expanders.

It all sounds really interesting, and I think I will sign up for the kit version and just go with it. The only slight cause of concern is that they are asking for just over £20,000, which seems a lot. They’ll need to get around 150 preorders to hit the target, which is quite an ask for our small niche of the synth market. However, at the time of writing, they are nearly at £6k with plenty of time put themselves about, so you never know. I hope this post helps!

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