Radikal DELTA CEP A2

Radikal Technologies DELTA CEP A2: Paraphonic Modular Improved


Radikal has given a sneak preview of the new DELTA CEP A2 paraphonic modular synth ahead of Superbooth next week.


So what can we expect to see in the A2? Well, as far as I can tell, there are no physical changes to the front panel or essential architecture, so this is more to do with the internals.

On Facebook Jorg Schaaf said that it now has better MIDI implementation with parameter controls accessible via a DAW or with an editor. There’s a new reverb algorithm with variations, a step sequencer and a headphone amp. All the LED visualisation has been improved to represent parameter changes better.

Everything except the headphone amp will be available for CEP A users via a firmware update.

Looking forward to seeing it in action at the show.