Nano CEQ

Nano Modules CEQ: DJ-Style EQ and Compressor


How about we put a 3-band EQ and a Compressor into a single module with simple controls and let you play? This is going to sound great!

Nano CEQ

It’s an easy one. Put this on the end of your mix and have a really simple way to cut stuff in and out of your audio. Three knobs, Low, Mid and High, which will enact some useful killing of your kick, snare and hi-hats. We all understand tone controls, and rather than trying to harmonically filter all sorts of things individually you could let CEQ do the shaping for you.

The compression side is also dead easy. You don’t have to worry about all the mysterious compressor controls, just dial in as much as you need and enjoy the saturation that comes from overdoing it. There’s a switch on the back to make it kick in a bit faster but otherwise stereo in, stereo out, couple of LEDs – sorted.