WORNG Electronics ACRONYM wavemorphing VCO


ACRONYM: Analogue CoRe Oscillator New tYpe Morphing – it’s a five-output VCO with two subs, through-zero phase modulation and lots of messing about.


Clever with the name, I think, and also, it looks fabulous written in the WORNG style across the front plate. Oscillators with extras are a bit of a thing at the moment. We’ve seen it with the Befaco Pony and the new Shaktmat VCO. I mean, who wants a plain old oscillator when you can have one that folds and morphs?

It starts off with some sine waves and a pair of beefy sub-oscillators. As you twist the Morph knob, you’ll find your waveforms move to triangle, square, and saw before spinning off into wave folding. You’ve then got a Sync input for a bit of phase modulation.

The sine, triangle and sub-oscillators all get individual outputs leaving with the morphed version coming out of the Wave output. You can, of course, apply CV to the morphing to get soft transitions or extreme changes.

It’s got a nice look and a great vibe. Check out Divkids video below.