Triphase Oscillator

New Systems Instruments Triphase Oscillator – Hyperspace Supersaw


Good gracious, that’s a huge sound! Triphase Oscillator is buzzing out three Sawtooth waves with independent phase control and bipolar mixing.

Triphase Oscillator

I can’t quite get over the hugeness of the sound coming from this thing. It’s a supersaw in hyperspace, blending and bending phases, modulating and animating. Cor!

The Triphase Oscillator is fully analogue with a sawtooth core. It has linear FM on all three waveforms and hard sync.  The mixer is based on the Moog CP3 and apparently has great headroom for mixing waveforms with some throaty distortion.

But what’s giving it the sound is the phase difference between the saws. It’s all about reinforcing and then reducing the in and out-of-phase harmonics. There’s a comb filter-like effect going on produced by acoustic reflections. There are loads of things you can explore in this module; as if you’d ever want to wander away from that huge supersaw sound.

For a complex oscillator, the front panel is comfortingly simple. You’ve got overall tuning, then individual phase, modulation and mixing. This is my kind of complexity! You do have individual as well a mix output so you can use the waveforms in a more traditional way if you like.

The Trphase Oscillator looks fabulous, it;s sounds super-cool and is a very exciting release from New Systems Instruments.