Analogue Solutions Colossus Quartz

Analogue Solutions Colossus Quartz: Massive synth expanders


If you want to expand your Colossus synth or maybe build one piece by piece, then Colossus Quartz is for you.

Colossus Quartz

These are Moog Modular-sized expanders for the already enormous Colossus synthesizer. There are four of them, each comprising of one-quarter of the oxymoronic Colossus Slim. Does that all sound a bit mad? Probably, but I guess the idea is that you can get a chunk of Colossus for less money and less space, so that’s pretty cool.

In case you’re wondering, Colossus is a massive £26,500 synthesizer built by Analogue Solutions. It’s inspired by the EMS Synthi 100 and turned into a huge piece of synth furniture. The AS200 Slim version is a steal at £23,500 and puts the whole thing upright rather than with the console element.

Analogue Solutions Colossus
Analogue Solutions Colossus

Anyway, the four Quartz modules are:

  • AS250-VCO: 12 vernier VCOs, 2 noise generators, random, S&H and routing matrix. £6,900
  • AS250-Mod: 4 VCAs, 4 Envelopes, 2 LFOs, touch keyboard and oscilloscope. £5,500
  • AS250-VCF: 8 filters, 8 VCAs, 2 spring reverbs, 2 Ring mods, 2 slew generators and matrix. £6,900
  • AS250-SEQ: 64-step sequencer, 4 VU meters, Stereo mixer, 2 joysticks, 2 sub-mixers. £5,500

It would be an interesting way to add some of that Analogue Solution quality to your studio without having to go the whole hog and would be cool companions or alternatives to the Moog Model 10 cabinets.