Norfolk County Music Festival

Norfolk County Music Festival – Electronic Music Category


Sadly, we’ve decided to cancel this event. We were not able to attract enough interest in the short period of time we had to promote it. We will have a rethink and return next year for the centenary in 2025, and do it properly!

(Original post) For the first time in its 99-year history, the Norfolk County Music Festival has a category for Electronic Music. So bring your synths, bring your noise machines, your bleeps, bloops, loops and beats and take part in this wonderful opportunity to perform your music. It’s open to anyone making electronic music and would like the opportunity to perform and get some feedback in a nice bit auditorium.

The Electronic Music category takes place at Duke’s Street Baptist Church on Tuesday, 19th March, kicking off at 6pm and aims to finish by 9pm. To enter the Festival usually costs £16.50 but I’m sponsoring the event and paying the first £10 for every entry, so you only pay £6.50. The Norfolk County Music Festival is a charity supporting musicians and performers across Norfolk and the money goes towards paying for the venue.

To enter you should contact me on and I’ll get you booked in.

Bring all your friends to come and support the performances costs £4.50 on the door.