Making Sound Machines Farbfilter

Making Sound Machines Farbfilter Series: crafting colours


Farbfilter is a collection of colourful filters and wave folders for generating or absorbing rich harmonics. They are simple, beautiful and very tweakable.


The Making Sound Machines Stolperbeats was probably the module of the show at last year’s Superbooth. This year they are hoping to turn heads with these fascinatingly simple sound colouring modules. What do the numbers mean? I don’t know, but it could be like a game of bingo where the first person to get a full set wins a prize.

There are four modules in the Farbfilter series:

  • Farbfilter – Classic transistor ladder lowpass filter with drive and CV control over cutoff and resonance.
  • Farbfolder – Analogue wavefolder with added weirdness.
  • Farbshaper – Waveshaping that makes ramps out of sine waves. Fold, pleat and mangle.
  • Farb Highpass – Analogue transistor ladder highpass with a Tilt EQ and CV on cutoff and resonance.

All four modules will be available as a simple DIY kit or fully assembled. The kits are mostly about soldering on the front panel hardware – all the hard stuff has already been done for you. Making Sound Machines are running a workshop at Superbooth where you’ll get to build one. Sign up if you’re interested!

They are all looking fabulous, and I really do appreciate the flat-out simplicity of them. I’ll see if I can get around to building them at some point.

More videos to come.