Fiddling with Filters

Molten Modular

I’m researching an article on filters and so dug out five for a bit of a comparison. Here’s a video showing some flat and then animated filter action across various topologies.

Featuring the Instruo Traigh, System80 Jove, Wavefonix 2140, Erica Synths Polivoks and Doepfer A-124 VCF5 Wasp.

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Index – 0:00
Instruo Traigh (Ladder) flat filtering – 4:21
System80 Jove (Jupiter-6) flat filtering -7:48
Wavefonix 2140 (OTA) flat filtering – 10:45
Erica Synths Polivoks (Polivoks) flat filtering – 12:57
Doepfer A-124 VCF5 (Wasp) flat filtering – 15:03
Instruo Traigh (Ladder) sequenced – 17:52
System80 Jove (Jupiter-6) sequenced – 20:23
Wavefonix 2140 (OTA) sequenced – 23:17
Erica Synths Polivoks (Polivoks) sequenced – 25:39
Doepfer A-124 VCF5 (Wasp) sequenced – 28:09