Hikari Duos Eurorack

Hikari Duos Eurorack: Crazy chaos synthesizer in 24HP


Hikari Instruments released Duos last year as a cute and chaotic desktop synth. Now it’s available as a Eurorack module, and it’s an epic machine of modular mayhem. 

Hikari Duos

Duos for Eurorack is a huge silver knob surrounded by sliders of chaos, modulation and feedback. It uses two low pass gates and an unpredictable signal path to feed pulses through multiple feedback loops and shift registers. What does that mean? I couldn’t really say, but the results range from piercing noise to throbbing heartbeat engines and self-destruction.

Not sure if it’s the sort of thing I like or maybe it’s the sort of thing I aspire to like once I’ve exhausted all melodic avenues of music-making.

It looks beautiful, and I wonder how you could harness its chaos with a modular context. It does have a couple of CV inputs over the pulse rate of both LPGs and the centre frequency knob.

Hikari make their synths in Japan and are available through Clockface Modular.