Five12 QV-L

Five12 QV-L Quad Variable LFO multiwave modulations


Five12, the people behind the Vector Sequencer, has released an intriguing 4-channel LFO called the QV-L.


The QV-L is all about the waveforms. It has 19 different ones and includes waves that morph, waves that sequence and some that generate chaos.

Each of the four channels gets its own output, although these are assignable. I’m not sure yet what you would assign them to other than the output of the LFO… There are also four CV inputs that can be used to modulate whatever you like and there are a couple of Gate inputs for triggering, reset and sync.

There are two screens at the top that seem to show outputs 1&2 on the left and 3&4 on the right. Does this mean they are paired and share parameters? Difficult to say. The waveform displays look great though.

I dug out a video from Knobcon 2022, which gives a useful overview. Along with the four LFOs, there are two envelopes for internal modulation, eight modulation busses and four output processors. So, I think the three encoders can get allocated to three parameters across the pair of LFOs, while the LFOs themselves are independent. Five12 does complex things with their modules and operates at a higher level than people like myself. That sometimes makes it hard to understand what’s going on without having the opportunity to dig into it personally. But I do dig it!

So, ultimately, here are some LFOs to have fun with that have an awful lot of richness if you want to wade into the depths.