Kaona Skippy

Kaona Skippy: Hypnotic circles of chaotic triggering


Skippy offers a glowing all-seeing eye of circular coloured rings, with dots for triggers and chaotic tricks up its sleeve.


What an extraordinary-looking thing. I’m slightly perturbed by the use of the word “sequencer” because I’m trying to work out if it outputs pitch. I’ve decided that it doesn’t, so I’m reckoning that this is a trigger sequencer. The four trigger outputs should be the clue really.

So, it has four channels and four rings of colour into which your patterns are overlaid for a brilliantly interconnected and radar-like view of what’s going on. You can use various algorithms like Euclidean and so on, which we are very familiar with. But what’s more interesting is stuff like the accelerator effect:

What a beautiful display and a very intriguing function. All four channels are independent and full of polyrhythmic possibilities.

It looks totally ace and is already creeping up my list of best of Superbooth. Kaona says that it has a very simple interface. It doesn’t look simple and appears to be all on that little joystick. It’s going to be interesting to see how that pans out.