AJH Multi Burst Envelopes

AJH Synth Multi Burst Envelopes Review

Burst modules tend to give you a bunch of triggers or gates in response to an event. It’s like a rattling, a ratcheting or a fast slap about the face. You could use them to add sudden explosions of activity or if you massage them correctly they can produce interesting and varying rhythms for running […]

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Befaco PONY VCO Review

Today we’re looking at the PONY VCO from Befaco. Why is it called the pony? I don’t think it’s important. What is important is that it’s an adorable, mini, compact analogue VCO with Wave Folding, Through Zero FM modulation and a built-in VCA. It’s the perfect little module for a small compact little modular system. […]

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Nymphes review

Dreadbox Nymphes synth review

Today I’m reviewing the Nymphes six-voice analogue polyphonic synthesizer from Dreadbox. The review is an edited transcript from my video review (below) for people who prefer to read. What you immediately notice is that it’s very small, adorably small. It’s made completely of metal, it feels as rigid as you could possibly imagine and it’s […]

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